The Flats Clothing Co.

A new streetwear brand that doesn’t totally suck.

The Flats is a streetwear brand established by Grayson Parker in 2019.

Grayson’s childhood memories of the deserted landscapes between New Jersey and West Manhattan inspired the designs for his graphic designs. When he would ride the train he passed “toxic flatland littered with car tires, broken glass, thousands of rusted out aerosol spray cans, and collapsed brick factories.” He gave this area a nickname - The Flats. These rundown landscapes inspired Grayson to recreate them, become an artist, and create his own brand.

The Flats Spring 2019 collection is inspired by 1940’s and 1950’s comic books.

I was lucky enough to connect with Grayson and photograph his brand! I photographed my friends wearing The Flats clothing in a chill, street style vibe either skateboarding, hanging out in the streets of New York, or in the suburbs.

You can view my images on my website and while shopping The Flats!

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