Get to Know Me!

The Basics:

My name is Natalie, or Nat for short. I was born in Brooklyn, raised in New Jersey, and currently live at school in Midtown Manhattan.

  • What college do you go to, what are you studying?

I go to the Fashion Institute of Technology and am majoring in photography.

  • How did you get interested in photography?

I basically grew up around cameras and art supplies. My mom was constantly taking photos of my sisters and I, we were always doing arts and crafts, and my older sister went to college for photography. She taught me how to use digital cameras and I learned film in my high school class.

  • How would you describe your style?

It’s honestly all over the place. But I guess classy and urban with pops of fun…?

  • Favorite stores?

Thrift stores, Marshalls, Target, H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters, as well as Anthropology and & Other Stories (but I’m too poor for those).

  • Favorite accessories?

I wear my favorite rings every day but I love adding fun statement earrings to my outfits!

  • What is always in your purse?

Glossier’s coconut balm dot calm, a deck of cards, and Lactaid pills.

  • Favorite food?

Mexican! Tacos, burritos, yellow rice, Mexican corn.

  • Coffee order?

Hot or iced mocha latte.

  • Where do you currently work?

I work at Augusta Mae, a boutique and consignment shop in my hometown. When I’m in the city I take photos for online clothing companies.

  • What is your dream job?

Fashion photographer! I’d love to work with & Other Stories and Urban Outfitters.


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